Mamidi Anantha Lakshmi

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mamidi Anantha Lakshmi

Born in Shayampet village of Parkal in Warangal district, got married at the age 9 years to Mamidi Ramakantha Rao, journalist. Mother of six sons and a daughter: She used to read short stories long before the demands of busy schedule of looking after children and running the family even in the hectic schedule as house maker. Loves to paint which started as a physiotherapy work out to recover from paralytic stroke in 2000. Painting portraits of village woman and rural life is now part of her daily routine, through which she engages herself in the world of wonders which transform in the canvas of her world.

(Part of mothers and grannies series)
300  g/m2, 29.7x42cm


Unknown said...

Dear Satya Srinivas,
The painting of Smt. Mamidi Anantha Lakshmi, Amma for me too, captures the total persona of the grand lady, in toto. Heartiest congratulations on making this painting!! I did not know that you are also attached to the Mamidi family close enough to make this portrait. A wonderful piece of art and an even more wonderful dipiction of one so close to my heart.
Regards, G. Ernest Leslie

Satya said...

Dear Leslie
Thanks for the compliments, i do portraits of mothers and its my privilege to do Bharaths mothers portrait( a dear friend),Ms. Anant Lakshmi whom i know personnally

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